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ReConserve® is committed to operational excellence and the highest standard of quality in customer service, environmental stewardship, and corporate responsibility. We conduct business based on solid core values of integrity, openness, accountability, teamwork, and continued evaluation and improvement.

It is our intent to continue developing new innovations that will improve our nationwide service to the food manufacturing and livestock industries and maintain our position as the leader in dried bakery product. Our customers rely upon our experience and reliability.

The ReConserve name comes from the concept of recycle to conserve. At ReConserve, the philosophy of Recycle, Reprocess, and Resource Conservation℠ is in all we do.

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Our History and Overview

The roots of ReConserve date back to 1935 in Southern California. At that time, fully wrapped bread loaves that had been deemed stale were returned to the bakeries where they were picked up in barrels by a small flat bed truck. This product was then unpacked by hand and put in a small mill where it was chopped up and then fed into a 4-foot diameter, 12-foot long triple-pass dryer. The finished product was then sold to our first customer, a feed mill in what was then called Dairy Valley, known today as Cerritos.

In 1962 new management took over and in 1999, the company refocused its core business and since has


completed four acquisitions and built six new processing facilities, significantly expanding processing capabilities. As a result, the company has grown to encompass a nationwide footprint.

Though it may have had inauspicious beginnings, ReConserve, Inc. and its subsidiaries have been pioneers and principle innovators in the field of waste removal. ReConserve was the first to design, build and install bulk loading systems helping the company become the largest recycler of bakery and cereal grain by-products and a recognized specialist in food waste removal.

ReConserve, the ReConserve Mobius logo, and DBP are registered trademarks of ReConserve, Inc.
“Recycle, Reprocess, and Resource Conservation” is a service mark of ReConserve, Inc.