Dried Bakery Product Sales

Providing High-Energy,
Highly Palatable DBP®

Our plants utilize the ReConserve® process to produce DBP®, our brand of dried bakery product, a high-energy, nutrient dense, highly palatable dried component for livestock feed, which has a greater nutrient value than corn.

DBP® is a mixture of breads, cakes, candies, chips, cookies, crackers, doughs, flours, pastas, snack foods, tortillas, pizzas, nuts, cereal grains and related food by-products which have been separated from non-edible material, then mixed, ground and dried. DBP® has become the choice of the nations’ leading broiler, turkey, layer, swine, dairy, and beef cattle feed producers.

DBP Feed Pigs

Benefits of DBP:

  • Up to 15% higher energy value than yellow corn as determined by independent University trials

  • Provides a consistently high caloric value to feed

  • Ideal supplement to feed grains and fat in livestock rations

  • Meal form eliminates the need for further processing and easily mixes with other ingredients in feed mills or livestock facilities

  • Sweet aroma of baked goods encourages consumption by swine, dairy, and beef cattle

  • Nutritional value reduces the cost of finished feed and improves production efficiency

  • Products are manufactured under strict Federal and State guidelines assuring feed safety and quality for use as an animal feed ingredient

Your Partner in Reliability and Profits

For approximately 80 years ReConserve has been producing DBP®, working closely with our customers to determine usage levels specific to a particular finished feed. A reliable and consistent stream of high quality ingredients are the foundation of our product and our brand. There is no second-guessing the nutritional make-up of DBP®. The key to our consistency is our established True Metabolizable Energy values and our continuous testing of finished DBP® to insure nutrient values are met.

Protein, fat, fiber, moisture, and ash are determined by samples evaluated by independent testing laboratories. These evaluations provide proper energy measurements so that formulations can be performed accurately on a routine basis. Our high quality, high-energy product not only benefits livestock, it benefits your bottom line. You will reduce feed costs when DBP® is used as a substitute for more expensive feed grains and fat. Feed rations have successfully incorporated DBP® as high as 25% in poultry and 30% in swine rations.

DBP Feed Cows
DBP Feed Chicks
Crude Protein 9.25%
Fat (Ether Extract) 10.50%
Carbohydrates 63.45%
Total Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates 83.20%
Ash 4.75%
Crude Fiber 2.85%
Moisture 9.20%
Total Ash, Fiber, Water 16.80%
True Metabolizable Energy (TME) 1790 CAL/LB

Amino Acids (Percent of Sample):

Aspartic Acid 0.55%
Threonine 0.27%
Serine 0.45%
Glutamic Acid 2.70%
Proline 0.82%
Glycine 0.40%
Alanine 0.37%
Valine 0.41%
Methionine 0.21%
Cystine 0.21%
Lysine 0.19%
Arginin 0.40%
Tryptophan 0.07%
Isoleucine 0.33%
Leucine 0.68%
Tyrosine 0.26%
Phenylalanine 0.45%
Histidine 0.19%
Ammonia 0.29%

Minerals and Vitamins:

Calcium 0.15%
Phosphorus 0.25%
Phosphorus (Available) 0.08%
Salt 2.50%
Sodium 1.00%
Chloride 1.20%
Potassium 0.80%
Manganese 45.40 MG/LB
Iron 13.20 MG/LB
Copper 2.30 MG/LB
Cobalt 0.46 MG/LB
Magnesium 0.32%
Vitamin A 3060.00 IU/LB
Carotene 2.10 MG/LB
Vitamin E 27.20 IU/LB
Thiamine 0.68 MG/LB
Niacin 11.75 MG/LB
Riboflavin 1.00 MG/LB
Pantothenic Acid 2.10 MG/LB
Choline 500.00 MG/LB
Pyridoxine 2.50 MG/LB
Worldwide Export Services

Worldwide Export Services

DBP® is being used around the world as an alternative to standard high-energy ingredients such as corn, grain sorghum, wheat and fat. ReConserve has the capability to ship via truck, container, barge, vessel, and rail to meet your logistical requirements. Our expertise, facilities, and products allow us to service the export market, anticipating and meeting the future needs of worldwide agriculture.

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